Leather And Cork Round Bag

I love the texture or cork! So I tried to experiment with different materials to make a round bag with… Read More

Electromagnet Vise

I've always wanted to try making one of these! The force these can apply it's very impressive to me. Will… Read More

Bone Damascus Chopper

Had so much fun with this one! Forging stuff this thick is no joke, I did my best to void… Read More

Stacked Cork And Resin Material

I like cork a lot! I like the texture and feel of it. While visiting Ikea I found this pack… Read More

EXCELSIOR Drill Press Restoration

I restore a very cool and useful geared drill press that weights around 250kg (550lbs) made by "Officine Meccaniche Mazzoni"… Read More

Italian Slicer Knife Restoration

Alright, I might have gone a bit too far with the handle to call it a restoration, as always! But… Read More

Japanese Tanto Knife

Tanto knife made from ball bearing steel, brass plate and mutenye wood. Overall lenght is 36cm with 23cm long blade… Read More

Forged Skew Chisel

Relatively easy blacksmithing project to experiment with forge welding high carbon steel to mild steel for tool making. A woodturning… Read More

War Hammer

Making this war hammer has been soo much work, but I also think it's so much worth it! First project… Read More

Venom Knife

Yes, I know this knife has little to do with Venom, but it's what sincerely came to mind when I… Read More

Leather Smartphone Case

This is 100% Leather, not a leather layer glued on a plastic case. By soaking the leather in warm water… Read More

Round Leather Bicycle Bag DIY

Making a simple leather tool bag for my bicycle that mounts under the saddle. Easy and relaxing project I was… Read More

Honeycomb Scales Composite Material

Experiments with aluminum honeycomb mesh and epoxy resin to make original handle scales materials. All materials for this project kindly… Read More

Leatherworking Half Moon Tool

Upcycling a high carbon steel circular saw blade into a classic leatherworking tool. Want to see how it's supposed to… Read More

Forged Blacksmith Knife 2.0

Full process of forging a classic blacksmith knife out of a roller bearing inner race. This steel is very hard… Read More

Forged Japanese Dog Head Hammer

Making a Japanese style hammer by hand. First time I make an hammer or puch a hole this big, my… Read More

Knifemaking Gateway Project

My take on making a knife with minimal tools, steel sourced from a 3€ Ikea knife. Read More

Kitchen Knife Made With Scrap Steel

Making a fine cutting tool out of cheap materials and scrap pieces, using many of my homemade tools and jigs… Read More

Blacksmithing Jig | Fullering Tool

Make an adjustable fullering tool to establish square and accurate hidden tang transition. Design is heavily inspired by https://youtu.be/Scn1uSpP4Ig I… Read More

How I make Flask AND Custom Aluminum Knob Cast

My easy way of making sand casting flasks with cheap tongue and groove boards. And casting some custom knobs for… Read More

Big Drill Press Vise Restoration

Heavy duty drill press vise with 13cm (5inch) wide jaws restored to be used with an appropriate sized drill press.… Read More

Ugly Knife Restoration

Yes! Another knife restoration. I love making this kind of projects! This rusty old knife came from a recent visit… Read More

Hatchet Forged From Ball Peen Hammer

Forging an usable and nice looking hatchet out of a ball peen hammer! Possibly the coolest thing I forged so… Read More

DIY Pallet Wood Picture Frame

I needed picture frames, I have pallets, this was bound to happen! My take on making some very simple picture… Read More

Spring Steel Forged Tools

Yes! Blacksmithing , I am finally able to play with some hot steel again. Can't wait to set up my… Read More

5 Quick DIY Gifts For Makers

5 DIY ideas for last minute Christmas gifs. Maker edition! If you have been following my projects for a while… Read More

Cleaver Leather Sheat

Quick and Easy leatherworking project! Making a leather sheat for the big cleaver I restored last week. Real handy to… Read More

Old Cleaver Knife

I found another one of this huge cleaver in a flea market. Had to have it! This time I went… Read More

Draw Knife Restoration

Quick and easy restoration of a real nice, hand made, woodworking tool I found at a flea market. Being in… Read More

Italian Chef’s Knife Restoration

I always love to mess around with old knives I find at flea markets.. I found this in a "All… Read More

Aluminum Baseball Bat Cast

After setting up my 1912 wood lathe I had to make something with it. So, here we go! Possibly one… Read More

1912 Wood Lathe

Cleaning and setting up a beautiful early 20th century wood lathe made by "Officine Manfredi Bongioanni" In Fossano, Italy. I… Read More

Bench Grinder / Buffer Restoration

Complete and in depth restoration of a cool vintage italian bench grinder, probably used as buffig and cleaning tool. I… Read More

Cast Aluminum Bars

Aluminum is very easy to melt, this is how I cast myself some real nice and custom sized aluminum bars… Read More

From Broken Pump To Belt Grinder Motor

Broken pumps are a great way to get free motors for projects! Got this one for free with cracked pump… Read More

Japanese Nakiri | Making New One After 2 Years

More or less two years ago I made a nakiri just like this one: https://youtu.be/ygCxoUqdrbM I decided to re-make that… Read More

DIY File Guide

Last month while trying to modify an ikea ceramic blade I realized how hard this ceramic material actually is. Sand… Read More

Greaser Restoration And Nickel Electroplating

Restoration of a cool old greaser I found at a flea market for 1€. The greaser itself it's nothing special,… Read More

Insanely Big Butcher Cleaver

Yes, I did it again... My own style of restoration for this incredibly cool butcher cleaver! I found this beauty… Read More

Ikea Ceramic Blade

In this project I want to experiment with ceramic blades from Ikea. My idea was to modify one into a… Read More

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