Welcome to the third installment of the “Serpent in the Blade” series! In this episode, we embark on the process of crafting the sword’s fittings: the guard and two pommel pieces cast in bronze.
For this classic bronze alloy, I’ve utilized a blend of 90% copper, 10% tin, and a 3% addition of lead.
The patterns are crafted from MDF, chosen for its ease of grinding and carving, as well as its density and stiffness, essential for withstanding the pressures of sand molding. Speaking of which, I began with a false cope to accommodate my one-piece patterns.
This preliminary step ensures precise positioning of the objects within the mold before transitioning to a more robustly rammed mold, capable of capturing more details.
The final fitment was achieved entirely through filing, following initial drilling to establish starting holes.

Stay tuned for the next episode, where we’ll elevate these fittings with the addition of fine silver wire in a Viking-inspired design.

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