Welcome to the complete movie of my Wakizashi project! One of the most detailed Japanese sword build presentations on YouTube, particularly highlighting the intricate fittings created to complete the Koshirae. This video includes all the episodes, excluding the making of some tools crafted for this endeavor. As a special treat, find a few unreleased clips at the end, featuring test cuts and final beauty shots.
The Wakizashi’s cutting abilities are truly impressive. Tested with the traditional Tameshigiri, it effortlessly sliced through the mats with precision. Test cuts through rolled tatami mats, simulating human limbs, are known to be a difficult and skill-based task. Since I’ve never done this before, whether it’s luck or the blade’s exceptional sharpness compensating for skill, the result speaks for itself.
This project spanned over eight months, and after so much work, adhering to traditional methods and techniques as much as possible, all recordings are now complete.

Thank you so much for your continuous support throughout this long-term project.
Stay tuned for possible shorter edits in the future, but for now, the Wakizashi build series is officially complete.

Video here:

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