I’m thrilled to announce the official completion of the Wakizashi project.
To put the finishing touches on this journey, I made a simple stand for both the newly made wakizashi and the original sword.
As I’m not a professional woodworker, the stand design is simple, but that works well to not steal the spotlight from the swords it holds. The soft wood I used for the stand takes on a uniform charred look that I really like, but despite the wood’s softness, I added an extra layer of protection by gluing small pieces of leather where the wakizashi are held and would have come in contact with the wood itself.

After eight months of dedication, it’s a joy to see this long project come together. It’s been quite a journey, and the sense of accomplishment is great. Thank you for joining me, I hope you enjoyed this build series as much as I did!
Suggestions and comments are welcome. Leave a like and share to anyone who might be interested!

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