Aluminum Baseball Bat Cast

After setting up my 1912 wood lathe I had to make something with it. So, here we go! Possibly one… Read More

1912 Wood Lathe

Cleaning and setting up a beautiful early 20th century wood lathe made by "Officine Manfredi Bongioanni" In Fossano, Italy. I… Read More

Bench Grinder / Buffer Restoration

Complete and in depth restoration of a cool vintage italian bench grinder, probably used as buffig and cleaning tool. I… Read More

Cast Aluminum Bars

Aluminum is very easy to melt, this is how I cast myself some real nice and custom sized aluminum bars… Read More

From Broken Pump To Belt Grinder Motor

Broken pumps are a great way to get free motors for projects! Got this one for free with cracked pump… Read More

Japanese Nakiri | Making New One After 2 Years

More or less two years ago I made a nakiri just like this one: https://youtu.be/ygCxoUqdrbM I decided to re-make that… Read More

DIY File Guide

Last month while trying to modify an ikea ceramic blade I realized how hard this ceramic material actually is. Sand… Read More

Greaser Restoration And Nickel Electroplating

Restoration of a cool old greaser I found at a flea market for 1€. The greaser itself it's nothing special,… Read More

Insanely Big Butcher Cleaver

Yes, I did it again... My own style of restoration for this incredibly cool butcher cleaver! I found this beauty… Read More

Ikea Ceramic Blade

In this project I want to experiment with ceramic blades from Ikea. My idea was to modify one into a… Read More

Ball Bearing Rings

Turning an used ball bearing into a nice ring with some very basic machining on the metal lathe. I got… Read More

Drill Press Vise Restoration

This vise came for free with the Rosa drill press I restored a couple weeks back. This kind of vises… Read More

Ko-Bunka Knife

Making a japanese chef's cutting tool starting from raw materials with many of the tecniques I have shown in previous… Read More

Adjustable Wrench Restoration

Restoring a very nice adjustable wrench made by "Peugeot Freres". This wrench was probably made in the late nineteenth century… Read More

Make An Ulu Out Of A Sawblade

Collaborative project with Wood By Wright to make an ulu knife.Make An Ulu Out Of A Sawblade Read More

PID Controlled Toster Oven

Made another PID controlled oven to use in my upcoming projects. Here in the new workshop I don't have access… Read More

ROSA Drill Press Restoration

The Italian manufacturer "F.lli Rosa" also known as "Trapani Rosa" made some of the best drill press over the twentieth… Read More

Simple Leather Bag

Back to leatherworking projects! This time I made a bag, a gift to my girfriend for our anniversary. Xoxo The… Read More

From Rusty Knife To Chef’s Knife

I found this big knife at a local flea market in a bucket of "everything 2€" miscellaneous items. I bought… Read More

Makers Central 2019

Makers Central was great! Here are some stuff I was able to do there. Thanks to everyone! Read More