Anvil Keychain Aluminum Casting

¬†love aluminum casting. And I love my anvil. So this happened! How cute are these?! So happy about how they… Read More

Bevel Grinding Jig Knife Making DIY

After many request about my simple knife making bevel jig I finally made a video about that! Took the opportunity… Read More

Chef’s Knife For Chanelle DIY

Last knife of the year! A chef's knife. On the blade I etched the owner's name as requested by the… Read More

Brass Pen Holder Lost Wax Casting

More fun with lost wax casting! This time I tried brass. Actually it's my first try ever at melting brass.… Read More

Knife Making: Nakiri Japanese Knife DIY

Another Japanese Chef's knife! This shape is inspired by Nakiri knives typical Japanese-style vegetable knife but with a western full… Read More

Lost Wax Casting Aluminum Hearthstone Key

First project about lost wax metal casting! This Hearthstone key has been a great way to learn the basic about… Read More

Railroad Track Steel

I have to tell you I already know what will be the first project I'll try to make with this… Read More

3D Print Sylvanas Mini with CR-10 S

Hi there! Today I 3D printed and painted another 1/10 scale miniature from the Warcraft universe. None other than Sylvanas… Read More

DIY Railroad Track Anvil

This anvil can be made from a piece of railroad track with pretty much only one tool: the angle grider!… Read More

DIY Sketchbook. Try This Relaxing Project!

Making hardcover book is pretty easy and very rewarding. I like to make mine with a cotton cover, it's a… Read More

Brand Custom T-Shirt With Bleach. Fast And Easy!

Making custom t-shirt is easy with bleach! Here is how I made mine, if you are looking for a more… Read More

Steel Personalizer Testing. Let’s Find Its Limits

Etching and marking? What type of steel? How big can it etch? Here is what I found while testing it!… Read More

DIY Steel Personalizer! Etch And Mark Logos On Knives

New Video! Made this to mark my blades! This cost me nothing to make since I had all switch and… Read More

Small Tool Cart Restoration

New Video! A friend of mine gifted me this funny tool cart. I got it back in use for my… Read More

Throwing Knives Made Out Of Rebar Steel

New Video! Made three throwing knife using a piece of leftover rebar. I've been inspired by the recent upload of… Read More

Q&A / Workshop “Tour”

New Video! Answering your question and showing off my small workshop. Read More

3D Print Arbor Press

New video! Printing this arbor press took me at least 40hr! And around 800g of PLA. Would I suggest this… Read More

Experimenting With Mosaic Pins

New video! Trying to make some mosaic pins for my future knife builds. Read More

Gyuto Chef’s Knife

New video! Chef's knife, a western Gyuto¬†made of 1070 high carbon steel with burlap micarta-ebony-red hardwood handle and red vulcanized… Read More