Forging A Viking Seax Knife

Hand forging a viking style seax blade out k720 (aka O2) high carbon steel. This project is a collaboration with… Read More

Pine Cone Scales

Making two set of stabilized pine cone and resing. It's a pretty common blank, I've seen it used many time… Read More

Aluminum Hatchets

To celebrate the million subscribers milestone we achieved last week I decided to make once again the project that has… Read More

Leatherworking Hammer Cast

Creating a copy of an old leatherworking hammer in brass. This is a very common shape of hammer for leatherworker… Read More

Leather Wallet

It has been a while since my last leatherworking project, decided to make something easy to get back into it.… Read More

Knifemaker Restore Antique Cleaver

Restoring an old cleaver and fitting a new handle made in my style. I found this old beauty in a… Read More

Hand Forged Damascus Ring

Second attemp at making damascus steel by hand, this time forging 1070 high carbon and mild steel from the scrap… Read More

Restoration: Massive Vise

This time I am restoring a real treasure! Very rare and massive vise found in north Italy. It's huge! 25cm… Read More

DIY Copper Bracelet | Easy!

Making bracelets out of copper pipe is super fast and easy! Not many tools are needed at all, I am… Read More

Fallout 76 Combat Knife

Making a real Combat Knife as seen in the Fallout 76 videogame. As soon as I have seen and used… Read More

From Saw Blade To Knife

Made a cleaver out of an old woodworking circular saw blade. These old blades are all made of decent tool… Read More

Composite Materials : Vacuum vs Pressure

This week I experiment with resin, cloth and other materials to see what works best for making micarta. Video about… Read More

Pressure Chamber | Resin Casting

Needed a way to "remove" bubbles from my casting projects like resin for composite materials or silicone for mold making.… Read More

Marking Awl

Easiest way possible to make a marking awl. Quick and easy project to spend some good time with my lates!… Read More

First Damascus Knife

Making a handle for the blade I forged last week. Thin and elegant design for this hidden tang with brass… Read More

First Damascus, Hand Forged

My first experience with damascus steel. Forged by hand from k720 (O2) and 15n20 tool steel. This project started out… Read More

Antique Hatchet Restoration. Third Time’s a Charm!

Yet another hatchet "restoraiton". With this one I am starting to get the feel of these casting experiments! Bought this… Read More

DIY Lego Minifigure Display Case

Making custom display case for a friend that collects minifigures. A perfect excuse to use the wood shaper I restored… Read More

Old Wood Shaper Back In Use

The wood shaper, also known as moulder, is a woodworking tool used to mill profiles or notch wood. The one… Read More

Hand Vise Restoration

Hand vise are very useful for holding small objects that need to be worked by hand. By now I have… Read More