Old Cleaver Knife

I found another one of this huge cleaver in a flea market. Had to have it! This time I went… Read More

Draw Knife Restoration

Quick and easy restoration of a real nice, hand made, woodworking tool I found at a flea market. Being in… Read More

Italian Chef’s Knife Restoration

I always love to mess around with old knives I find at flea markets.. I found this in a "All… Read More

Aluminum Baseball Bat Cast

After setting up my 1912 wood lathe I had to make something with it. So, here we go! Possibly one… Read More

1912 Wood Lathe

Cleaning and setting up a beautiful early 20th century wood lathe made by "Officine Manfredi Bongioanni" In Fossano, Italy. I… Read More

Bench Grinder / Buffer Restoration

Complete and in depth restoration of a cool vintage italian bench grinder, probably used as buffig and cleaning tool. I… Read More

Cast Aluminum Bars

Aluminum is very easy to melt, this is how I cast myself some real nice and custom sized aluminum bars… Read More

From Broken Pump To Belt Grinder Motor

Broken pumps are a great way to get free motors for projects! Got this one for free with cracked pump… Read More

Japanese Nakiri | Making New One After 2 Years

More or less two years ago I made a nakiri just like this one: https://youtu.be/ygCxoUqdrbM I decided to re-make that… Read More

DIY File Guide

Last month while trying to modify an ikea ceramic blade I realized how hard this ceramic material actually is. Sand… Read More

Greaser Restoration And Nickel Electroplating

Restoration of a cool old greaser I found at a flea market for 1€. The greaser itself it's nothing special,… Read More

Insanely Big Butcher Cleaver

Yes, I did it again... My own style of restoration for this incredibly cool butcher cleaver! I found this beauty… Read More

Ikea Ceramic Blade

In this project I want to experiment with ceramic blades from Ikea. My idea was to modify one into a… Read More

Ball Bearing Rings

Turning an used ball bearing into a nice ring with some very basic machining on the metal lathe. I got… Read More

Drill Press Vise Restoration

This vise came for free with the Rosa drill press I restored a couple weeks back. This kind of vises… Read More

Ko-Bunka Knife

Making a japanese chef's cutting tool starting from raw materials with many of the tecniques I have shown in previous… Read More

Adjustable Wrench Restoration

Restoring a very nice adjustable wrench made by "Peugeot Freres". This wrench was probably made in the late nineteenth century… Read More

Make An Ulu Out Of A Sawblade

Collaborative project with Wood By Wright to make an ulu knife.Make An Ulu Out Of A Sawblade Read More

PID Controlled Toster Oven

Made another PID controlled oven to use in my upcoming projects. Here in the new workshop I don't have access… Read More

ROSA Drill Press Restoration

The Italian manufacturer "F.lli Rosa" also known as "Trapani Rosa" made some of the best drill press over the twentieth… Read More