PID Controlled Toster Oven

Made another PID controlled oven to use in my upcoming projects. Here in the new workshop I don't have access… Read More

ROSA Drill Press Restoration

The Italian manufacturer "F.lli Rosa" also known as "Trapani Rosa" made some of the best drill press over the twentieth… Read More

Simple Leather Bag

Back to leatherworking projects! This time I made a bag, a gift to my girfriend for our anniversary. Xoxo The… Read More

From Rusty Knife To Chef’s Knife

I found this big knife at a local flea market in a bucket of "everything 2€" miscellaneous items. I bought… Read More

Makers Central 2019

Makers Central was great! Here are some stuff I was able to do there. Thanks to everyone! Read More

Simple But Sturdy Workbench

A square particle board and two saw horses don't make a great workbench, I know! I really needed to make… Read More

Felt And Resin Liner

Making my own liner material with felt, resin and also cardboard stock! Liners, also called spacers, are usually made of… Read More

Metal Shear Restoration

How nice and handy is this little tool? I love it! Another restoration project to take back to life and… Read More

Cork Stabilization IKEA Pot Stand

Experimenting with stabilizing cork to make unique handle material. The process is just the same as any other wood stabilization… Read More

Makers Tool Belt

Making a leather tool belt to hold and show off my sweet collection of makers tool. Read More

Saya For The Petty

Saya is the Japanese term for a scabbard. Making one for the petty I made last week. I've not done… Read More

Japanese Petty Knife

Making a Japanese style paring knife, also know as petty knife. The patter for this knife was made available by… Read More

Halfpenny Coin Ring

Making a coing ring out a 1951 british halfpenny copper coin. I've already made a bunch of these in the… Read More

Leather Hatchet Sheath

Very quick and easy leatherworking project, making a sheath for my custom hatchet. A plain design sheath like this will… Read More

Soviet WW2 Knife

Hand forged soviet knife from tank track and high carbon steel in a san mai damascus pattern. Enter the giveaway… Read More

Finger Plane Cast

A finger plane is a tiny woodworking plane typically used by luthiers, so violin and guitar makers. The old one… Read More

Slavic Razor Knife

Huge thanks to Matt and Ilya for this collaboration. Watch how they forged this awesome blade here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjOS4Hd_W5Q&feature=youtu.be And be… Read More

Small Anvil Restoration And Stand

Watch me restore and fabricate a stand for this 15kg italian "pig" style anvil. I found this cool anvil at… Read More

EDC Knife With Surgical Titanium Pins

Making an every day carry knife with surgical screw as pins. These screws came from an arm operation a frined… Read More

Forging A Viking Seax Knife

Hand forging a viking style seax blade out k720 (aka O2) high carbon steel. This project is a collaboration with… Read More