Simple Leather Belt

Making a quick and dirty belt for the Deadpool buckle I made last week. I used mm thick leather that… Read More

Deadpool Belt Buckle Aluminum Cast

To celebrare the second movie about my favorire comics character Deadpool I made his belt with aluminum casting technique. The… Read More

Sandpaper Holder

I like to have sandpaper in stripes. Now I can cut full sheet all at ones without fear of mixing… Read More

Nicholson File Restoration

Restoring and sharpening a quality 12inch (30cm) Nicholson hand smooth file. I tried chemical sharpening with ferric chloride and It… Read More

DIY Heat Treatment Oven

Finally made a proper heat treatment oven capable of reaching 1000°C (1800°F) drawing "only" 1.7kW. Components list: Isulating bricks J23… Read More

Forged C Clamp DIY Blacksmithing Practice

Have you ever seen one of these vintage hand forged C clamp before? This week I made one out of… Read More

Branding Iron With Brass Casting

Two brass branding iron made with metal casting tecnique. I decided to make the patterns in two different way just… Read More

Bearing Ball Forged Into Usefull Knife

Ball bearing are made of tough steels. Why waste that? Even smaller balls can be forged in incredibly useful tools!… Read More

Vise Restoration Italian Steel Dovetail Style

Full Restoration of this great 100mm bench vise. FZA italian brand vise made of steel (ACCIAIO means steel in italian).… Read More

Aluminum Cast Tool Handle

Replacing plastic handle with aluminum cast ones. Two parts pattern made in Fusion360and printed in PLA at 0.3mm layer height… Read More

100K Special. Check these Makers!

Makers shout-out to celebrate the 100k subs milestone. Thanks again to everyone :) Check video description for all channel links… Read More

Blacksmithing Shop Knife. Forged Ball Bearing Steel

Utility knife to use in the shop, all smith out of ball bearing ring steel. My very first blacksmithing knife!… Read More

3D Print and Paint Illidan Stormrage Miniature

Illidan Model 1/10 scale from Warcraft universe. Printed all at 0.1mm layer height in pla. Model by Ricardo Salomao: https://goo.gl/5Bu3pv Read More

Knife Making: Bolster Experiment

Check out how this knife finally came out! This one has been a great learning experience for me because I've… Read More

Lost Wax Vikings Pendant Brass Cast

By far the smallest cast I ever tried! I'm glad I made more than one at the time because I… Read More

Knife Making: Filework (Without Actually Using Files)?

I explain how I made this simple but effective filework on this full tang knife I'm working on. Pattern can… Read More

Knife Making: Hamon On High Carbon Steel

In this video I explain how I achieved this hamon on a 1070 high carbon steel blade. I'm pretty sure… Read More

Leg Vise Restoration

Restored this leg vise to mount on the tool stand I made last week for my blacksmithing setup. It will… Read More

DIY Tool Stand! Cheap But Sturdy. Steel And Concrete.

Heavy duty stand for a tool I'll restore very soon. All pieces were picked up at my local steel scrap… Read More

Anvil Keychain Aluminum Casting

 love aluminum casting. And I love my anvil. So this happened! How cute are these?! So happy about how they… Read More