Hand forged soviet knife from tank track and high carbon steel in a san mai damascus pattern. Enter the giveaway here:
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The idea of this project is to make a ww2 soviet knife (design based on the NR-40 knife) out of a piece of ww2 soviet tank (SU-76 tank).
This turned out to be a great excuse to practice with some damascus as the track steel is not hardenable. To remedy I laminated a core of 15N20 steel making a san mai damascus billet with tank steel on the two sides. I love the end result and I am also super happy with how this damascus forged without a problem, no doubt my most successful billet to date!
The guard is made out of a srap piece of 1070 high carbon steel and a small block of mild steel just under that.
The handle is made of zebrawood with a thin red vulcanized fiber liner and one steel pin to hold everything together.

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