A finger plane is a tiny woodworking plane typically used by luthiers, so violin and guitar makers. The old one I have was indeed given to me by a violin maker. Since I got it I found myself using much more frequently than I expected and pretty much all the time I work with wood! Therefore I deciced to make another one myself with a flat bed and straight blade to have an alternative to my old rounded one.
If I had to guess I’d say the old one was machined instead of cast but to me any excuse to practice some lost wax casting is good fun and doing it this way made it possible to brand it with my initials, which is always cool!
To design this finger plane I used Fusion360, you can download the model on the “Free Download” tab in this website
The model has been printed on a cheap resin 3D printer that is capable of producing stunning details, great for lost wax because it require pretty much no post processing. I got mine here:
(Yes, affiliate link)

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