Bought this small 13kg power hammer used and in working condition, but it has never been services, so it had many leaks on almost all gasket connections. This caused the power hammer to run poorly, with the ram not rectracting all the way into the head while idling. By taking it all apart I can be sure all parts are clean and properly oiled with non-detergent oil so the new paper gaskets can hold all the pressure inside the machine making it run better. Luckily other than in desperate need of maintainance the power hammer was in very good shape, with almost no markings on the ram and no cracks or loose joints! Between the few changes that are worth mentioning are 0.2mm shims behind wearing slides on the ram bottom guide, new oil dripper to measure how much oil is going into the pistons and new eletric box. Not sure about the manifacturer of this machine, it has no markings. It might be an early Anyang model, but I can’t tell.

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