Propane furnace made with scrap steel, glass and ceramic wool and refractory cement. I wanted to reline the coal furnace i made five years back to melt aluminum but the structure was in very bad shape as it has been outside to the elements since I made it. So instead I made a new one that runs on propane with two venturi burners I made recently: This has been very long project to make but definetly worth the time as now melting aluminum is much easier and also cheaper. The furnace holds a 230mm tall crucible of 180mm in diameter, it should hold 35kg of aluminum. Insulation from the inside out is composed of: refractory cement, ceramic wool, glass wool. On the bottom center I inserted a refractory brick to have someting very solid to place the crucible on. The lid is made just of recfractory cement, it’s 58cm in diameter and 5cm thick, so it weights 20kg.

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