This cheap airbrush comrpessor works well for my needs but it has no tank so it kicks in all the time and can’t really keep pressure when spraying for more than a couple seconds. To fix this problem and make this tool more flexible I make a 2.4l tank out of scraps and recycled materials. All in all I spent less than 5€ for the “T” connector and the 5 10mm tubing to 1/4inch pipe thread so this was pretty much free to make for me. Of course there are many other ways to make something like this, as I mentioned you can buy all the connector you need for cheap at home improvement store in any size and shape, I made my own just to play and mess around! The tank as well can be made of other things like an empty fire extinguisher or other kind of pressure safe bottles. The tank pressurized at 60psi will provide air to airbrush at costant pressure for as long as needed without dropping below 15psi. It can also be filled up and brought outside for a quick spraying if you don’t have a dedicated airbrush station and just want to basecoat a model.

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