I found another one of this huge cleaver in a flea market. Had to have it! This time I went for a more traditional handle construction while still making it my own way. Ended up making the handle with two wood species that I already matched togheter and really liked, olive wood and wengè and also added a felt white/gray liner, simple but not plain! Also decided to go for many and small (3mm) pins instead of fewer and bigger. This is always a nice challenge to keep everything lined up properly and I like it more for very large handle like this one.

Have you seen the other very similar cleaver I took care of? https://youtu.be/bbu9P6u8lp8 I think this is the start of a new collection! The aluminum one is bigger in size but a lot heavier as the blade itself is way thicker. I really like this design, I know very little about these and this time again I can’t read any makers mark but I have been told those were used by butchers so the extra mass helps cutting thick stuff.

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