More or less two years ago I made a nakiri just like this one:
I decided to re-make that exact same blade again to see how my knife making process has evolved over the past two years.
The nakiri I ended up making is 2.3mm thick, 50mm wide, 335mm overall with 195mm blade.
Blade is 1070 (aka C70) high carbon steel, differentially heat treated with edge hardness between 50 and 55 Rockwell. Handle is made of olive and walnut wood, with white (more like gray) felt liners and brass/mosaic pins of 8, 6 and 4mm in diameter.

Here are some of the videos where I go in more details about some of the tecniques used in this video:
Stabilizing wood:
Homemade Liners:
Homemade mosaic pins:
Dedicated hamon video:
And here are some of the videos about the tools I used:
Vacuum pump and chamber used to stabilize:
Hardening oven:
Tempering oven:
My lovely drill press:

I just started to list some of the stuff I use for my projects in this amazon storefront:
It’s affiliate marketing, so if you order something from here you’ll help the channel for free! Thank you!

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