Making an every day carry knife with surgical screw as pins.
These screws came from an arm operation a frined of mine went through, he was able to keep them after they have been removed and from now on he will have them in this edc knife as reminder.
The blade is made out of a 3mm thick and 50mm wide bar of k720 (aka 02) high carbon steel.
The handle is composed of olive and ebony wood with a thin white spacer (vulcanized fiber, similar to micarta and G10) in between.
Three pins are solid 4mm round titanium from the surgical screws and one is a mosaic of aluminum and titanium nails with black epoxy resin.
These screws and nails have a real deep meaning for my friend so I am really honored to have made something for him to carry with them. Plase don’t ask me to do the same with any of your surgical stuff because I won’t do others of this kind! Thank you!
And yes, on the thumbail are the actual x-ray of my friend arm with the exact titanium hardware I used in this video.

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