Restoring an old cleaver and fitting a new handle made in my style.
I found this old beauty in a thrift store, it’s 36cm (14inch) overall with 23cm (9inch) long blade 11cm (4.3inch) at his widest.
The steel is some kind of high carbon heat treated to an hardness between 50 and 55 on the Rockwell scale, appropriate for a cleaver.
The construction is very interesting with the tang forge welded and riveted to the blade.
I guess the extra part on the handle is some kind of guard and the protrusion on the spine is possibly there as a stop when pushing on the spine with the other hand. Not sure! Say something in the comments if you know better.

Guard is made of brass, pinned in place with two 3mm brass round pins. The thin dark wood strip is wenge and the rest is beech with a white vulcanized fiber liner.
Both wood are stabilized, process described in this video:


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