Made a cleaver out of an old woodworking circular saw blade.

These old blades are all made of decent tool steel that can be hardened to a decent degree (this particular blade ended up with hardness between 50 and 55 on the Rockwell scale).
Of course, if you plan to make one yourself be sure to test if the steel can be hardened so you don’t waste time in case it’s not.
The unusual design is a result of the material constrain I had since the saw blade wasn’t all that big to start with. For once it has been real fun to limit my design based on material and I ended up liking the end product quiet a lot!

The handle materials were made in past videos.
Stabilizing wengè:
Making white linen micarta:

I say it has been a great opportunity to make a knife completely out of recycled material and stuff that I made previously on the channel.

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