Finally found a nice press to restore!

This beautiful blacksmithing tool is used to bend, cut, drift and punch steel, but with different dies can assist in many other operations.

This press has a particular frame construction called “A-frame” that should be more rigid than other presses but restrict the operation because materials can be loaded in only from the front.

Two weights at the bar ends are there to add momentum that help maintain the shaft in motion.

It weights 57kg (125lbs) and measure 50x21cm by cm tall (20x8in wide by in tall) with the screw shaft 4cm (1.6in) in diameter.

Although very rusted and chipped the press was in great mechanical condition, seems like it has been well greased over time, all thread are still in perfect condition.

It came with a “FERRE” marking punch but I have no idea of what that is and I can’t find any information about it. The word is very close to “ferro” italian name for iron.


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