Finally made a proper heat treatment oven capable of reaching 1000°C (1800°F) drawing “only” 1.7kW.

Components list:
Isulating bricks J23 rated to 1260°C. (230x110x64mm).
Premixed refractory mortar.
Kanthal A1 wire 20ga (10m).
PID controller.
K-Type Thermocoupple rated to 1250°C.
Solid state relay with heatsink.
12V computer case fan with power supply.
Random steel pieces from the steel scrapyard.

The Kanthal wire I bought is meant to be used in vape pens and has a resistance (R) of 30Ω for my lenght and thickness.
The power draw can be calculated knowing the home mains voltage (225V in my case).
Power draw: P = V x I
Where I is the current flow in ampere: I = V / R = 225 / 30 = 7.5 A
P = 225 x 7.5 = 1687.5 W

Inside dimension are 105x115x450 mm (4×4.5×17.5 inch).
I made the oven this small so that it’s easier to heat up and there is no need for more heating element, considering also that my home has a power draw cap of only 2kW.

Now it’s time to work some stainless steel!

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