Heavy duty stand for a tool I’ll restore very soon. All pieces were picked up at my local steel scrap yard so this build ended up costing me not even 5 bucks for materials.
I filled the car rim with around 28kg of concrete so as now this stand weights at least 45kg, I thought about filling the steel tubing with concrete too to add even more weight but I choose not to so that I would still be able to move it easily. I’ll see how it goes with the tool in place, if it’s not solid enough I’ll cut all welds to the top plate to fill the tubing with more concrete or plain sand.
I don’t remember exactly where but I think I saw this wheel and concrete design in some metalworking shop. The hand tools holder are obviously inspired by Jimmy DiResta but I went for squares instead of rounds to make it somewhat different. At 6:00 you can see me bending a piece to make if fit the round corner of the top plate.


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